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    BUSINESS VALUE Technology under control?

    Developing software is developing knowledge, the more you try, the more you learn. As a result, one of the elusive things in software development is how to measure business value.

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    DON'T PLAN UNPLANABLE Change-Driven or Plan-Driven

    Have you ever think about planning for the whole detail things completely vs planning for short reality reachable future and always ready to change? We call it Change-Driven development process here.

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    Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Agile Process

    The agile approach to prioritization is that user stories of higher business value should be implemented before ones of lower business value.


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Every five years, your skills are about half as valuable as they were before. There is no doubt that developing and controlling a technology product is a forever learning processes. The smarter you are, the more opportunity you win.


Programming is not like a coder who write programming language but we practice knowledge. The more you build, the more you fail and the more you succeed that why you need an industry expert together who not only do your jobs but also tune your direction.


Refactoring does not generate business value directly but it pay your technical debts. Refactoring is not came from the technical side only but even processes which make your products change adaptive and always ready to follow the real business demands.



Marketable Product

Nowadays modern programming languages and technologies make programming easier without real low-level understanding what a computer is. In YouthDev, we connect the actual engineers who have to understand deeply about data structures and algorithms that why we will be able to give our customer a plan to serve a large number of users with suitable resources for their Marketable Product rather than the Minimum Viable Product version only.


Best Practice

Have you ever think about the picture that a software company must be depended completely on other external tools providers. Of course building from scratch the whole things is also not a good practice, so here, at YouthDev we leverage the benefit of opensource products such as redmine, gitlab, proxmox… and keep our controlling on developing our internal tools which is so important for refactoring our processes continuously.


human capital

Training and tech sharing within internal team and external cooperated partners is our key points for knowledge interchangeable and improvable. Daily high-level technologies are good for catching up with the world but fundamental low-level knowledge is must have for generating new technologies to break the world and making differences.

we create stuffsoftware engineer is not a coder

In YouthDev, our mindset is that a good engineer does not like a translator who translate the human languages to computer languages, so that why here we have three main levels: coder, programmer and engineer in which coder is the one who understands how to write code base on documentations and requirements and of course can use the development tools fluently; programmer is the one who has to understand data structures and algorithms and basic security knowledge; the last one engineer has to understand the big picture of a product, the cooperation between many parts of a system and has a plan for scaling the system.

fun facts

There are some numbers we have achieved during business.

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we treat customers as a teamEVER WONDERED HOW WE DO?

Our Agile best practice methodologies is treating customers as a team and it is the only way to create the transparent processes which also make our customers peace of mind and believe in the growing of products.

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we love our clients.

Customers can easily access our project management system base on redmine and can easily to cooperate remotely with the team and understand what is going on.


Source version control is not just a remote system to store and share the source code but it’s a perfect way for version management. A good flow will allow development team to immediately implement a quick fix on current production version while in new version development.

We follow gitflow process and use internal private git system customized on gitlab which also provide docker registry management feature that why there is not need to concern about leaking project source code due to using public or free third party source control service like github or dockerhub…


Every role need a different way and different view to cooperate with other members in a agile project. Our project management system provides a high level for stories management and sprint management for product owners/managers.


And we don’t forget a super high level for business level or non-tech level management members.


Our process can generate clarify weekly report the amount of worked time or story point visualized by burndown chart.burndown

As same as strictly and transparent team operations to customers who want YouthDev to help to reduce the pains of human resource or software development management.


Worry-free about your product’s source code quality and source code structure quality because we do static analysis base on standards and trustable qualification methods.static-analysis

Worry-free about transfering or switching technical solution vendor our even building your in-house team later. All bad things that affect your product development are measurable and transparent.


We don’t charge customers for 80% cost of doing testing because it is automated here. Don’t worry about the super fast growing of your product and it’s features, automation testing with a right good integrating to CI/CD system make every small change of code become a release candidate.


and they love us.


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high availability

Don’t you ever care about the fact that your system now is containing a point of death even a technical or human resource problem which will break your business in the not too long distance future. Right here, YouthDev always have a solution.




Let the developers do their actual jobs: developing. Therefore, have you ever think about how can the big products over the world can generate many up to hundred revisions per release. Our experiences in CI/CD will do it that bring customers to nightly builds.

computer science

Have you ever think that your product will grow and quickly reach the high technologies solution such as: artificial intelligent, big data, computer vision… No need for trying to find out other external providers, right here we will take your ideas into effect.


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