Social Listening System Data mining, Enterprise system, Startup product

We are the backbone IT of Buzzmetrics Vietnam and we have developed the core system of their business which is a Social Listening System that provide too many information for digital marketing campaigns. We can answer the questions: How many people are talking about a brand on social media? Where do they come from? Is it the positive things or negative things? Which is the thing of the brand that customer usually mention about?…

The Social Listening flatform has been built base on the world most complex technology and programming language C++ and deeply process on the core of Operation System in order to bring the most effective performance to owners and ensure the scalabilities as same as the stabilities.

The Social Listening system can collect over 20 millions of mentions per day and do analyze on billion of records every day which bring the business value to the digital market research which Buzzmetrics believe is the second generation of market research.

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C++, PostgreSQL, Oracle, PHP, Sphinx