Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. ERP software integrates all facets of an operation — including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing — in a single database, application and user interface.

ERP software is considered to be a type of enterprise application, that is software designed to be used by larger businesses and often requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment.
In contrast, Small business ERP applications are lightweight business management software solutions, often customized for a specific business industry or vertical.

ERP software typically consists of multiple enterprise software modules that are individually purchased, based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. Each ERP module is focused on one area of business processes, such as product development or marketing.

Some of the most common ERP modules include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR. A business will typically use a combination of different modules to manage back-office activities and tasks including the following:

Distribution process management, supply chain management, services knowledge base, configure, prices, improve accuracy of financial data, facilitate better project planning, automate employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks, assess business needs, accounting and financial applications, lower purchasing costs, manage human resources and payroll.

As the ERP methodology has become more popular, software applications have emerged to help business managers implement ERP in to other business activities and may incorporate modules for CRM and business intelligence, presenting it as a single unified package.

warehouseManage your inventory in the right way


Managing Warehouse is an ongoing process and requires complete attention to detail. The scale of warehouse can really intimidate anyone, but with the correct use of Warehouse Management system, things become much simpler and manageable. Stocking and restocking of items requires a complicated approach with every single bit of information on the desk. With Odoo Warehouse Management System, businesses can easily manage warehouse. The Odoo Warehouse Management System offers tons of features including the revolutionary Double Entry Inventory Management, traceability, barcode scanning, shipping, real-time stock level and more.


Inventory Management is a tricky proposition — stocks can get lost with no traceability. But with Double Entry Inventory Management, the stocks are not lost and is only moved from one place to the another, keeping transactions on track. With double entry inventory management, teams can have better traceability, reporting and more.
Understanding Stock movements is important for businesses. It enables them to plan ahead and introduce new rules and regulations to make the process more automatic. With complete control over the stock, the warehouse can learn more about anyone who is connected with the warehouse, directly or indirectly. The stocks can be connected with customers, manufacturing locations and suppliers.
Tracking become much faster and convenient when done through barcode. Odoo Warehouse solution supports barcode scanning, improving warehouse functionality and traceability.
With Shipping Management, Warehouse can easily configure their goods for shipment. The stock loading and unloading information are all stored within the database and can be updated anytime.
Stock are the core of warehouse. Odoo Warehouse has enough amenities for real time stock monitoring. This enables warehouse to keep stock updates before they run out. Real Time monitoring also provides valuable insight on how the Warehouse can work more efficiently.
With each item that is plugged in or out, transactions take place. With Odoo, all the transactions including picking, packing, receptions or any other internal movements are automatically managed. The transactions are further automated by defining push and pull rules.
To make effective warehouse much more effective, tracking is enabled in Odoo Warehouse Management software. This enables stock tracking at each stage with high emphasis on tracking at each stage of delivery and reception. Item packages such as batches or logistic lots are also supported by serial number tracking.
Warehouse Odoo also supports Reverse Logistics, a way to achieve remanufacturing and refurbishing of old products and make them useable. With resuability, business can harness more profit.
Dock and Yards are connected with Warehouse. They are the first meeting point of the stock and also enables the warehouse to understand requirements according to the dock and yard nearby. With dock and yard management, organization can easily attach stocks with a particular dock and also set routines for pickups or drop-offs.
Inventory is complex and to understand each stock level and its movement, Odoo Warehouse enables managers to do Inventory Analysis. With Inventory Analytics, mangers can take both short-term or long-term decisions that can improve Warehouse workings.

saleDetailed organization of the sales process


odoo_saleSales department deals with all the sales that are done by the organization. Sales can be a complicated process for many businesses and with huge sales figure, organization can find in a spot of bother when tracking each sale and its prospects. With streamlined information, sales department can find flaws and improve in the sales process. Sales is undoubtedly the most important part of any organization as it opens the world of opportunities for the business and creates the right platform for creating insurmountable profit and networking.

The Sales department is also responsible for creating new potential connections, increasing the scope of profit and credibility. The Odoo ERP solution comes with Sales solution. An Organization can easily integrate sales solution into their existing process. The sales module has tons of features. Some of the notable features are sending the quotation online, creating an electronic signature for sales, activity tracking and much more.

functionalitiesJust some of features

With Odoo Sale module, almost every single process related to sales is controlled using and streamlined. Be it quotes or invoices, everything is under the control of the sales team and day-to-day activities becomes fluid and intuitive. Teams can work collaboratively and bring more productivity on the desk.
With electronic signature, sales team can easily manage quotations and other official documents and convert them into potential sales. This way all the transactions are kept online with high emphasis on credibility and productivity.
Working with diverse clients requires support for multi-currency. Odoo Sales modules have enough amenities to support multi-currency so that the whole ecosystem works flawlessly. With the correct currency conversion, each transaction is done smoothly without losing any precious conversion amount.
With a complete built-in customer relationship management, the Odoo sales module is purely customer-driven and has all the functionalities that make the customer experience a good one. Other features also contribute to customer unique experience. The customer driven approach of the sales module brings more growth to the organization and creates a long-term return involvement. Customer communication can be done easily with feedback open all the time.
Sales can be tricky to forecast, but with the right set of forecasting tools, organizations can easily forecast sales. The forecast can help the organizations create future plans for sales and purchase.
With Odoo Sales module, the sales team can easily send quotes online to the potential customers with the intent to get the project or the order. The quote generation tool automates the process and keeps track of any advancement in the project. The quotes generated using the tool are professional and can be saved in PDF format for portability.
With Activity Tracking, the sales team can ensure that everything is in the process. The dashboard provides a kanban view of all the activities and enables team leaders to take action on the information available. The activity tracking can be further enhanced with other features. The sales module is fully extensible with features on demand.
The sales module supports multiple price list to be generated at the same time. With multi-pricelist, teams can explore more opportunities and serve multiple clients at the same time. The
sales Odoo module completely supports the multitasking and improve productivity and synergy.
The whole Sales Odoo module is built keeping the team and their goals in mind. The interface is highly intuitive and with proper positioning of the most used functions, anyone can learn the sales module in no time. Team Collaboration is a major part of the module and with high-quality report generation, everything is kept transparent and happy.
With tons of information flowing in, sales team members can easily create reports that reflect on the working environment and its intricacies. The team can also induce interesting reports on customer behavior, which in turn helps improve the sales process.

purchaseAuto procurement procecess.


odoo_purchaseBusiness is not only about selling items or services to different clients. It also includes purchasing goods, services and other forms of items. Purchasing when done on a large scale requires a collaborative approach and complex in no time. For the sole reason, ERP solution such as Odoo offers Purchase solutions for the business out there. With the Purchase solution, the business can easily track their purchases, clients, goods and other important information without losing sight of the purchase.

With the help of the Purchase Odoo solution, businesses can easily track client’s performance on delivery of the items and also create a useful Request for Quotations (RfQs) to multiple clients and enhance the overall purchase process of the business.

The primary question for the most of the small scale business is whether they require purchase management or not. The answer is obviously Yes. According to the experts, purchase management is one of the important processes of the company and requires attention from the managers. Without proper care, the whole process can go haywire and can easily affect other processes like manufacturing or sales.

With Odoo Purchase Management, organizations can take their purchasing department to the next level, bringing more productivity and revenue in exchange.

functionalitiesJust some of features

With Odoo Purchase Management, tracking the suppliers was never been so easy. The system keeps up-to-date information about the suppliers and other contacts. This enables the organization not to waste crucial time in capturing the most basic information about them. The tracker also keeps other information, for example, goods purchased, due-dates and other vital information.
To make smart purchases for the organization, Purchase Management has supplier price list monitoring, which enable the organization to get the best product for the lowest prices. The decision can be taken on many factors, including contract offers, product quality and promotions associated with the purchase.
The Organization can choose any costing method that reflects the philosophy of the business. It can be either FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out) or Avg. Costing methods. Choosing the right costing method provides the organization to work transparently and do business in real-time.
With every purchase information, organizations can easily approve any process in the pipeline. Process control ensures that everything runs smooth and no process gets delayed due to approval delays.
Working with multiple clients require statistics to learn about them. With purchase statistics, businesses can easily track supplier performance and come up with interactive reporting. The statistics also enable the business to get competitive prices, get maximum discounts on the goods and also review contracts with a regular purpose.
The inflow and outflow of information are quite obvious. This can lead to low stock in no time. With Automated Requisitions, the organization can easily restock and accept stock automatically without the intervention of any person. The automation helps to gain advantage in the competitive market and enables the organization at automate the most critical aspect of the Purchase Management.
Landed Cost Tracking is the process of evaluating the right cost of the goods, which includes their packaging, shipping, and other small costs. This enables the organization to come at accurate landed costs for the goods. Landed Cost Tracking is a tricky proposition for many businesses and with Landed cost tracking, correct evaluation of the business can be done easily.
Email’s are the most important part of any organization. The purchase management tool support email integration. This enables the organization to take full control of supplier belt and retrace any information when needed. E-mail contain all the important information about each transactions, including RfQs and is the oldest form of communication that organizations benefit from.
The Odoo purchase management ensures that each transaction is received and payments are made to the respective clients within the time frame. This ensures happy clients and creates a long-term relationship with them.

Point of SaleEasy to use interface


odoo_posPoint of Sale (POS) solution offers customer services for completing transactions. The service enables business to generate the receipt, accept cash and deliver an array of services to the customers. The customer buys products or services, which is then entered into the system for easy tracking and updating stock in the warehouse.

Odoo POS is one of the best POS software solutions for the business. It offers tons of features and completely redefines the Point of sale approach for businesses around the world. Odoo POS is completely cloud based, which makes the system completely portable. It also comes with all the add-ons that make it a great POS platform. It offers Barcode Scanning, Cash Register, Touch Screen, weight calculator and more. It also supports multi-station management, enabling multiple transactions possible.

functionalitiesJust some of features

With everything connected to the cloud, the POS platform can be used from any platform. The only requirement being connected to the internet. And, by any chance it is not connected to any hardware or internet, the tool will also work and save the work until it gets connected.
Odoo’s Point of Sale app has an excellent user-interface with clear buttons and layout. This enables the user to lookup for any product. The process is either by entering the product ID or name. With a clear process, both the buyer and the operator are benefitted in terms of speed and clarity.
The POS software can be used to manage Multiple stations at the same time. This reduces labor and improves the time required to clear the buyer’s list. The multi-station management is unique and helps in blazing POS service.
Another important component of POS solutions is the support for the  cash register/drawer. With the right set of tools and manufacturing component, the call to register is done automatically.
The Odoo POS solution has a complete inventory management. This enables the operator to check for items that are needed to be restocked. The inventory management also provides all the information to the operator at a glance, creating the right environment for productivity and profitability.
Barcode Scanning is the essential part of any POS and Odoo POS is no different. It has  a fully functional Barcode scanner for complete tracking of items and also helps the POS user to add items faster to the cart.
The POS has completely working capability on mobile devices. It supports offline and online access from the Android tablets, iPads or Laptops. The mobility improves the functionality and also helps the organization to serve more diverse audience.
The POS solution from Odoo supports Touch Screen. With the help of the Touchscreen, the operator can easily manipulate between different windows, add multiple buyers on the same station and can easily go through product search. Touch Screen increases productivity and uses advanced haptics to enable faster execution of touch commands.
The POS solution from Odoo is connected with the Odoo Accounting solution. This means that all the transactions are tracked and stored within the Accounting Odoo solution. The solution helps an organization to track everything, including customer feedback, sales growth and more.

Sales drives profit and with Sales Analytics imbued into the POS Odoo, teams can understand their business way better. Sales also help to deliver customer service. With functionalities like customer refunds, warranty tracking, planning deliveries — the system can maximize great experience for the customers.

The Sales Analytics also help managers and operators to gauge into the depths of understanding the sales pattern. The analytics can enable managers to take crucial on the spot decisions.

Customer Relationship ManagementNever loose your customer relationships


odoo_crmCRM is no new term, it specializes or automates different processes within the organization that is related to dealing current or future customers. Customers form the base of any business and maintaining them requires automation, organizing and synchronization of mainly four main functions of a business, i.e., customer service, sales, marketing and technical support.

Customer Relationship Management using Odoo is one of the best solutions for businesses to automate customer handling in a well structured way, creating a solution specific to the organizational needs. The Odoo CRM consists of many features that help the organization to capture the market and keeps customers happy. Customer maintenance is important as they yield more profit by referring the services to other interested customers.

With Odoo CRM, the organization can easily track leads, generate accurate forecasts and close opportunities. Sales features are above average and grants you enough power to drive sales from nowhere.

functionalitiesJust some of features

Lead Automation Odoo provides a way to automate leads from the marketing campaigns. The lead generation is completely automated and offers both dynamic and multi-channel projects to harness the feature set. The marketing strategy can be according to the organization needs.g
With Lead Automation, the business can start from a blank slate and end up with closed deals.
Understanding the complete sales process is a tough task? Not anymore! With Kanban view, business can easily hover over the complete picture and keep them abreast of all the changes including opportunities, revenues, actions and more. Using the Kanban View can easily escalate business chances of success in the current competitive market.
CRM offers integrated customer management, i.e., offering actions to store vital information about customers, their buying habits, demographics etc. With customer management, business
can easily add new data into existing customers or create data for the future customers.
With Email and Odoo CRM working together, work was never been so easy. The integration is automatic and the team can get started with the work without any delays. The CRM also supports third party integration tools with maximum customizability.
Teams thrive on a single agenda and with integrated calendar, everyone can work without being bobbed down unknowingly or because of misinformation. Also, managers can easily set collaborative agenda for teams to work with, creating synergy and also pushing deadlines to teams.
Organizations can easily customize their sales cycle for maximum profit and returns. The sales approach depends on a lot of factors and business needs to continuously evolve their approach. With Customizable Sales Cycle, the organization can easily improve the performance, and forecast the outcome — improving customer relationship at every single step.
Social Network is one of the important factors in a company growth. With Social networks, an organization or company can find new customers, leverage social engagement to announce exciting new products and feature and also attract potential investors.
With Social Network Integration, the CMS automatically loads all the necessary data in the address book so that business can easily concentrate on the real part rather than collecting customer information.
Employee engagement is necessary for business success and with gamification, the Odoo CRM just becomes way cool. Users are motivated to engage in activities and are rewarded with badges, level ups and more. This brings competition among members and creates an environment where everyone is benefitted.
Data is information, only if segmented properly. With Odoo CRM, users can easily segment data into proper groups such that it becomes useful and informative for the business and the team working on it. Data without meaning is useless and Odoo CRM makes sure data is utilized correctly.
Looking for a smart solution for making fast decisions? Then, Odoo CRM offers visually appealing dashboard and unique reporting for the business managers. With the dashboard, managers can easily get insights and make better decisions for the organization. The Dashboard also offers real-time reports — offering enough information to make quick insightful decisions. Furthermore, employee can easily create and share reports on the dashboard for other to read and share feedback.

AccountingNo need another accounting software


odoo_accountingAccounting is the most important part of any organization. With accounting, any business can easily gauge the economic activities and come up with reports that can be shared with the stockholders. The stockholders also play an important role in accounting to any organization. All the expenses, profits and other forms of revenue is calculated using the Accounting software. People who manage the accounts are known as accountants.

With Business growing exponentially, having a system that is completely integrated with sales and inventory is a must for business to survive.

Odoo is a versatile product and offers features for almost all the process related to the business. Accounting is no different. With the Accounting, Odoo Solution business can easily solve all their accounting problems and control each transaction using the automated features of the solution. Other important features that Odoo Accounting Solution are General Ledger Management, Cash and Asset Management, Bank Reconciliation, Cost Centre and KPI, Extensive Reporting and much  more

Having a completely integrated Accounting solution for your ERP, leverages opportunities and dissolves problem related to accounting.

functionalitiesJust some of features

General Ledger contains all the information about all transactions that take place within the organization. With General Ledger Management, business can easily work on other facets of accounting. All the information can be inputted and formatted according to the company’s policy.
Cash and Asset Management is another important feature of Accounting Odoo Solution. Both tangible and intangible assets can be controlled using the cash and asset management. All cash flows, i.e. inflow and outflow are monitored using Odoo Accounting solution.
Compliance refers to the rules and regulations that govern the working environment of the organization. With Compliance Management, business can easily set quality, financial bars and other compliance rules for better functioning of the systems.
With everything moving online, business can easily create invoices online and also track expenses. This way the stakeholders can get the payment way faster and contribute to the growth of the organization. Smooth transactions and expenses are achieved using the Online Invoicing and Expenses.

Keep track of all the cost center elements of the business such as Research and Development, marketing or other forms of activities that do not add profit to the business, directly or indirectly.

Key Performance Indicator is a metric used by the business to elevate their performance and also understand the growth over a period of time. With all the information available at the dashboard, business can easily improve on the past performance and create interesting reports.

With Odoo Accounting solution, Business can control resources with minute details. They also provide budget management so that the business doesn’t go off track from their budget. With complete control, business can easily flourish with the help of the Accounting Odoo.
With tons of information at the disposal, accountants can easily forecast the financial growth or investment in  the business. Odoo Accounting Solution provides the necessary tools and information for financial forecasting. With forecast, business can take the right course of action, increasing its odds of success. Right use of resources is also an important factor in Financial Forecasting.
Bank Reconciliation is matching general ledger of the company with the bank statements. With Odoo Accounting, business can complete the bank reconciliation process every month and save precious time.
Business are going international and there are very few business that do not work with international clients. With Multi-Currency Accounting, a business can easily work with different clients who work with different currency altogether.
The accounting solution makes enough changes to the accounting process that no transactions are lost or miss-calculated.
Reporting is the basic form of providing information to other stakeholders. With tons of information available through the dashboard, accountants can easily create extensive reporting, which in turn can help the managers to take strategic actions.

ManufacturingControl your planning & progress perfectly



Manufacturing Resource Planning includes all the process and their planning in an effective manner. The Planning can be done in many stages and is not completely dependent on the software being implemented.

The notion of using Odoo as an MRP is an interesting prospect for the businesses. It enables businesses to completely monitor the manufacturing process using the Open Source Manufacturing using Odoo solution.

Using MRP solutions can truly enhance the functioning of the business and enable them to manage database with accuracy. The stock can easily be maintained leading to better manufacturing performance.

MRP can also be used to utilize to maximize resource utilization with no losses of any kind.

functionalitiesJust some of features

Manufacturing Planning is a vital part of any organization. With the planning, all resources are utilized to the maximum benefit. The platform can easily be used for billing purposes, Quality Control, Minimum Stock rules changing and much more. Organization can be in more control of all their processes with the manufacturing planning. The Odoo platform supports Kanban views so that managers can understand what’s going within the manufacturing process. It also supports Gantt views for maximum productivity.
Each process can further be planned using the MRP Odoo. With routing enabled, the resources can be configured to reach any part of the manufacturing process. The routing planning is essential for two reasons. The first reason is to decrease the time for resources to reach their station and the other is to have full control of each resource.
Inventory and Manufacturing Analytics offers the right tools to understand the different level of manufacturing activities. The tool is best used by managers for keeping track of everything and bring changes whenever needed.
Processes is the heart of any farm, be it manufacturing or IT. With process control, managers can evaluate the need for process improvement, make amendments and improve the overall ecosystem without losing precious time.
In the manufacturing process, each minute wasted results in the loss of a huge amount of end products and overall decreasing the productivity and profit of the manufacturing firm. To overcome, the Odoo MRP offers productivity analysis for better results in manufacturing and operations.
Billing is important for any manufacturing farm. Without correct billing, an organization can lose tons of money and also not able to successfully track each resource, leading to a situation not warranted. With Billing of materials, managers can easily track and change the price of different resources.
The biggest graveyard that a manufacturing firm is running out of the valuable resource, only to wait until the new set of resource arrives. The Minimum Stock Rules enable managers to restock before its too late.
Quality determines the end-product and weak monitoring of quality can lead to undesirable products. With Quality Control, managers can easily control the quality of each resource, which in turn leads to better end-product.
With Machine Runtime and Downtime information, managers can track down the bottleneck of the system and bring backups or changes to the current infrastructure for maximum productivity and profit.
With Reporting, different levels of managers and decision makers can bring necessary changes to the system. The Odoo MRP uses Kanban view and eventually helps its operators make reports and decision without much problem.

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